Online Encode and Decode Tools

Hex Encoding

Hex Encoding & Decoding.


Base64 is a group of binary-to-text encoding schemes that transforms binary data into a sequence of printable characters, limited to a set of 64 unique characters.

URL Encoding

URL encode is a method of encoding a string in a format that can be used in a URL.

Morse Encoding

The Morse Code is a language that people use to communicate with each other. through telegraph, radio, satellite, or with light. The language is a series of. short and long bursts that are heard or seen. The short bursts of sound or light are called “dit”, and the long bursts are called “dah”.

RC4(Randomized Cipher 4)

RC4 (Randomized Cipher 4) is a stream cipher that is designed to be used in conjunction with a stream cipher. It is a stream cipher because it operates on a stream of data rather than a single block of data.


Rabbit uses a 128-bit key and a 64-bit initialization vector.The core component of the cipher is a bitstream generator which encrypts 128 message bits per iteration.